Storage Vials, Caps & Seals

Step Vials, Storage Vials, Dram Vials, caps and seals

Our storage vials, also known as step vials or dram vials offer a great solution for storing solvents for extended periods of time. Our screw thread vials offer enough threads per inch to eliminate evaporaton with a solid top or lined cap.

We offer F217 septa, which is a polyolefin foam extruded between two layers of polyethylene, usually 0.050" thick. This allows a closure to be torqued with 20 lbs of foot pressure and once the pressure is "backed off" the foam will come back to almost 100% of its original shape - giving a good, repeated seal.

Screw Cap Vials, 1000/cs
Clear Amber Volume Description Fits Caps
408213 404810 2 mL 12 x 32 mm 8-425
CTV-4802 CTV-4802A 4 mL 15 x 45 mm 13-425
CTD-1760 CTD-1760A 8 mL 17 x 60 mm 15-425
CTD-2595 (144/cs) 32 mL 25 x 95 mm 24-400
Solid Top Lined Caps
Part No Fits Caps Material QTY
536008 8-425 mm PTFE/F217 100/pk 
536009 9 mm PTFE/F217 100/pk 
536013 13-425 mm PTFE/F217 100/pk 
410209-T 15-425 mm PTFE 200/pk
410214-T 24-400 PTFE 100/pk