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High-Pressure and Fluropolymer Tubing

We offer a robust selection of high-pressure tubing is designed specifically for use in high-pressure and very high-pressure applications such as UHPLC. We offer our high-pressure tubing in a variety of materials, including high-pressure stainless steel tubing. Our tubes are also available in various dimensions and styles to meet your specific applications. We only sell tubing made with quality materials to ensure they can deliver the reliability labs need to be successful. Whether you’re looking for UHPLC tubing, high-pressure stainless steel tubing, fused silica tubing, or tubing accessories, Chrom Tech has what you need. Browse our selection of HPLC tubing below. 

Tubing is also available in biocompatible PEEK material.

Tubing Specifications
  Stainless Steel Fused Silica PEEKsil
OD (Outer Diameter) 1/16" (1.55 mm)
1/8" (3.2 mm)
0.0145" (360 µm) 1/32" (785 µm)
1/16" (1.55 mm)
ID (Inner Diameter) 0.004 - 0.080"
(100 µm - 2.0 mm)
0.0008 - 0.006"
(20 - 150 µm)
0.001 - 0.012"
(25 - 300 µm)
Operating Temp -41 - 289° C -51 - 100° C -51 - 100° C
Pressure Rating 10,000 PSI
(690 bar)
Typical Tolerances 0.001" for 1*16" OD tubing
0.003" for 1/8" OD tubing
0.0004" 0.0004"
Refractive Index (clarity) Opaque 1.78 Opaque
pH Range 1-14 0-10 0-10
Sterilization Techniques Gamma irradiation;
ethylene oxide; thermal
Ethylene oxide; thermal Ethylene oxide; thermal
Autoclavable? Yes Yes Yes