Glass Inserts in Plates

Glass Inserts in 96-Well Plate Format

Are hydrophobic peptides sticking to your plastic collection plates? Our glass insert plate systems offer a comparable alternative to polymeric well plates!

Build Your Custom 96-Well Micro Plate System

1. Select System
Choose between our Topas or Acrylic Butyl Styrene 96-Well Multi-Tier Micro Plate System OR 96-Well Aluminum Base Plate System

Multi-Tier System
Topas Acrylic
Butyl Styrene
Description Qty Multi-Tier System
96M-12T 96M-12 Base Plate 1 Piece
96M-11T 96M-11 Collar 1 Piece
96M-10T 96M-10 Cover 5 Piece
1.0 mL Insert requires 1 Collar & Base Plate
1.5 mL Insert requires 2 Collars & Base Plate
2.0 mL Insert requires 3 Collars & Base Plate
Aluminum System
Part No Description Qty
96AL-12 Solid Aluminum, Base Plate 1 Plate
96AL-14 Vented Aluminum, Base Plate 1 Plate
96AL-10 Aluminum Cover for Base Plate 1 Piece
96-05SC Stainless Steel Screws for 0.5 mL 4 Pieces
96-10SC Stainless Steel Screws for 1.0 mL 4 Pieces
96-15SC Stainless Steel Screws for 1.5 mL 4 Pieces
96-20SC Stainless Steel Screws for 2.0 mL 4 Pieces

2. Select Insert (96 inserts pre-loaded in plate loader)

Flat Bottom Conical Round Bottom Volume
96I-0450F 96I-0450 0.5 mL
96I-04100F 96I-04100 96I-04100R 1.0 mL
96I-04150F 96I-04150 96-04150R 1.5 mL
96I-04200F 96I-04200 96I-04200R 2.0 mL

3. Add Liner
Liner locks into the vials to create an inert sample environment

Part No Description Molded PTFE Silicone Liner
96M-16 Molded PTFE/Silicone Liner, 96 Plugs, 5/pk
BST-9790 2 mil PTFE Sealing Tape*, 100/pk
*The BST-9790 is an economical dust cover