4 mL Autosampler Vials

15x45 mm Autosampler Vials

Chrom Tech carries 4 mL autosampler vials in 13-425 screw thread, snap, and crimp vials. These vials are specifically designed for liquid injection applications with WISP autosamplers and Shimadzu 48 autosamplers. Our vials for WISP autosamplers are made with high-quality materials but offered at competitive prices. We also recognize that labs require options, which is why we offer a range of closures and inserts. These vials can hold up to 4 mL volume, with optional limited volume inserts. If your chromatography lab uses WISP or Shimadzu 48 autosamplers, order your vials today. Contact one of our experts if you have questions regarding our autosampler vials for WISP and Shimadzu autosamplers