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Fluidic Connections for HPLC Applications

Every laboratory requires various HPLC fittings. At Chrom Tech, we feature specialty, high-performance polymers and distinct materials designed to work with your HPLC system needs. We offer unique products such as biocompatible PEEK-lined stainless-steel tubing as well as an assortment of high pressure and fluoropolymer tubing. Additionally, we carry many HPLC fittings, including IDEX fittings that will suit most applications. All of our HPLC fittings, filters, and frits and connectors come in a variety of materials and styles to meet your lab’s needs. Contact our support team for more information, or order your fittings today. If you're looking for additional information on how to choose what fitting will work best for your application, check out our blog on HPLC fittings.