Solvent Waste Containment Kits

Safe & Easy Solvent Waste Collection

Our solvent waste containment kits are manufactured to follow fire and safety protocols, allowing you to safely collect and store your HPLC waste. Choosing a System for Solvent Waste Collection Doesn't Have to be Complicated. One part number for easy compliance. These solvent container systems include:

  • Justrite Safety Can for two- or five-gallon containers
  • Reusable Filter Adapter, organic vapor filter
  • Six-Port Quick Connect Waste Manifold, and a tubing connection kit that comes in a variety of sizes.

Contents of Safety Waste Containment Kit
Utilizing these HPLC waste container systems prevents lab workers from inhaling chemicals as well as protects them against leaks and spills, which will improve the overall safety of your lab and allow for easy disposal of HPLC waste.

Take the guesswork out of filter replacement with the Chrom Tech Vapor Filter's built-in 3-month timer. Simply press the button on the strip to activate the countdown. The color indicator will progress along the time markers in the viewing window, providing a clear visual reminder of when to replace the filter for optimal performance.

Chrom Tech Vapor Filter with timer