Headspace Vials and Closures

Crimp Cap
Glass crimp top headspace vials
Glass Crimp Top
Headspace Vials
Screw Thread
Screw thread headspace vials
Glass Screw Thread Vials
for CombiPal Headspace
Crimper, decapper, and a vial rack
Crimpers, Decappers
& Vial Racks

Specialty and Miscellaneous Vials

Chrom Tech has a wide selection of high-quality crimp and screw thread headspace vials available in clear or amber glass with associated 18-and 20-mm headspace closures. Our headspace vials can be ordered as either flat or round bottom, and we offer many types of caps to be paired with your vial including, aluminum, pressure-released lined, and magenetic-lined seals. These vials and caps feature lab materials for optimal durability and purity. Contact one of our experts if you have any questions about these vials.