Protein Crash Filter Plates

Protein Crash Filter Plates for Semi-Automation

  • Semi-automate your protein crash assays
  • Speed up your analysis—Allows high throughput sample prep
  • Improve reproducibility—Protein precipitate is removed by filtration
  • Eliminate supernatant transfer step

Our protein crash plates allow simple, rapid, high throughput sample preparation. The graded frit design is optimized to efficiently remove precipitated protein without plugging or breakthrough. Protein precipitation can be accomplished in the plate wells, minimizing sample handling. Protein precipitate is removed by filtration, elminating time consuming centrifugation and transfer steps. These plates are compatible with all existing industry standard liquid handling stations.

Protein Crash Filter Plates Protocol

1. Acetonitrile/serum is used in the ratio of 3:1 (v/v).
2. The serum is spiked with the standard.
3. Acetonitrile and serum sample is added to the well.
4. Cover plate with cap mat and vortex.
5. The plates may be vortexed with collection trays in place so the plate tips do not come in contact with the vortexer platform.
6. The samples may be extracted with positive pressure using our 96 positive pressure processor (288-0001).