Specialty SPE

Agilent Bond Elut Specialty SPE

Bond Elut Carbon

  • Excellent retention for small organics, including those that are too polar to retain on C18 or polymeric SPE
  • Removal of chlorophyll and other pigments leads to fewer chromatographic or mass interferences

Bond Elut Carbon cartridges are packed with ultrapure graphitized carbon particles that have been optimized for the absorption of pigments in food, fruits and vegetables, and small organic residues in wastewater. The powerful retention mechanisms of these products are appropriate for a broad range of analytes. In addition, careful manufacturing techniques result in lower carbon fines on the wall of the device.

Bond Elut Cellulose

  • High purity micro-granular cellulose with high α-cellulose content
  • Stable across a broad pH range
  • Extremely low metal content (Fe, Cu < 5 ppm)

Bond Elut Cellulose columns utilize a pure microgranular cellulose powder that is packed between two, 20 µm polyethylene frits. The cellulose phase is very stable over a wide pH range and contains an extremely low metal content (Fe and CU content less than 5 ppm). The combination of surface area and polymeric structure results in a sorbent with excellent capacity. The cellulose media contains numerous hydroxyl groups and, because of its polar nature, it can accept high loading of many polar substances from aqueous and organic phases.

Bond Elut PCB

  • Optimized bed mass affords excellent extraction reproducibility
  • Special dual-phase enhances PCB selectivity
  • All extractions can be completed with one solvent to simplify procedures

Bond Elut PCB is a specially designed sorbent that allows for the facile extraction of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) compounds from various matrices. Desired analytes can be loaded and eluted using a simple, single solvent method before analysis by GC/ECD.

Bond Elut Mycotoxin

  • Simple methodology saves time and increases throughput
  • Use with a broad range of food matrices
  • Economic and time-saving alternative to immunoaffinity techniques

Bond Elut Mycotoxin is a novel sorbent which cleans up food extracts for improved trichothecene and zearalenon analysis. Results are comparable or superior to competing methods, including immunoaffinity columns (IAC) and charcoal/alumina column. The sorbent is a proprietary silica-based ion exchange material.

Bond Elut PBA

  • Unique phenylboronic acid sorbent
  • High specificity for cis-diol compounds
  • Amenable for a broad range of biomolecule applications

Bond Elut PBA is a unique silica SPE sorbent containing a phenylboronic acid functionality that can retain analytes through a reversible covalent bond. This very strong covalent retention mechanism enables high specificity and cleanliness. The boronate group has a strong affinity for cis-diol containing compounds, such as catechols, nucleic acids, some proteins, carbohydrates, and PEG compounds. Amino alcohols, alpha-hydroxy amides, keto compounds, and others can also be retained.

Bond Elut EnvirElut

  • Extreme purity offers cleanliness in extract
  • High capacity allows for the processing of large sample volumes

EnvirElut sorbents are specially designed for the extraction of a wide range of compounds from aqueous matrices. EnvirElut herbicides, PAHs, and pesticides are available in standard SPE straight barrel cartridges, which can be used on conventional Vac Elut vacuum manifolds.