Filter Vials

Thomson Filter Vials

  • Filter, vial, and cap—all in one design. 
  • Simple to use and easy to press down—No tools required!

No multiple step transfers needed. Pre-slit caps for all our filter vials for sale, with the exception of the low evaporation caps, ensure a no-hassle, clean aliquot withdrawal. No more breakage of expensive needles or coring problems on the HPLC or Mass Spectrometer. Thomson Filter Vials are compatible with most standard autosamplers. The ease of use will make the HPLC Filter Vials indispensable in all labs. 

Protein samples need to be crashed out before injecting them into the HPLC. Many people have traditionally done offline crash procedures. The Thomson PTFE Filter Vials for HPLC can do this easily by mixing the acetonitrile and aqueous solution in the bottom chamber, and then allowing the filter to push down trapping the protein and letting the clean sample come through for analysis.