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Autosampler Vials for HPLC Applications

Chrom Tech offers a large portfolio of HPLC vials for use with most liquid chromatography autosamplers and mass spectrometry applications. Our HPLC vials are available in clear and amber glass, as well as polymeric options. For labs using an autosampler, make sure to choose autosampler vials that are compatible with your specific autosampler. 

Most LC autosamplers have standardized on 12 x 32mm vials, and the most common HPLC vial is the 9mm screw thread vial. The opening of the 9mm screw thread vial is large enough for easy pipetting, but the neck (and closure) is still compatible with most autosamplers used today. Other vials sometimes used for HPLC are snap top vials, which some people prefer for the easy pop-off cap, or crimp top vials which are used for highly volatile samples or when chain of custody is required.

HPLC vials can be made of glass or plastic. Chrom Tech’s glass vials are made of Type 1 Borosilicate glass, which is the least reactive glass type, and have the least pH shift. Glass are more common, but we do offer plastic vials in polypropylene (as well as polyethylene and TPX) as an economical option for limited volume applications or for compatibility reasons such as proteomic assays. Both glass and plastic are available in clear, and for light sensitive compounds, we offer amber glass and black plastic.

Chrom Tech also carries limited-volume HPLC vials, as well as vial insert options for small volume applications. For wide mouth vials, it is important to ensure the inserts paired with the vials are also wide mouth to ensure the insert sits correctly in the vial. We also offer a wide selection of GC vials for glass chromatography.

Reduce costs without sacrificing quality, reliability, or efficiency with our selection of HPLC vials, inserts, and closures. For more information regarding our HPLC vials, please contact us here or reach out to our technical support staff today.