Filter Plates

High Throughput 96-Well Filter Plates

Customize to your specifications:

  • Choose your filter membrane
  • Choose your pore size
  • Choose the plate format
  • Automation user-friendly
  • Uniquely Designed to Work with samples up to 1mL
  • Standard SBS footprint: The plate comforms to all SBS microplate specifications to ensure compatibility with all automated workstations and systems
  • Easy robotics handling: The skirt feature allows the same grip by robotic systems as the grip with conventional microtitration plates.

With their low extractables and low binding membranes, our syringe filters are ideal for sensitive instrumental analysis including gas, liquid and ion chromatography. A wide range of chemical compatibility enables their use with virtually any sample composition.

Molecular Weight Cut-Off (MWCO) 96-Well Filter Plates

MWCO Applications

Molecular weight cut-off applications include separating large molecules from small molecules, removal of unincorporated label following protein modification reactions, concentration of protein peaks following gel-permeation chromatography, protein concentration with tissue culture media, antiserum or monoclonal antibody preparations, and concentration and desalt/buffer-exchange after eluting protein from ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction (HIC), metal chelate or affinity chromatography columns.