Syringe Filters


As chromatography has become more sophisticated with smaller dimensions and higher pressures, minimizing particulates has become more important. Our HPLC syringe filters have been designed to minimize the buildup of particles during analysis. This helps minimize the possibility of instrument failure or shutdown while also maximizing your uptime. Regardless of the application, the potential of encountering such problems can be significantly reduced by utilizing the best HPLC syringe filters for the job. We carry syringe filters made of nylon, glass fiber, polypropylene (PP), polyethersulfone (PES), PVDF, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), cellulose acetate, and more.

  • HPLC Syringe Filters available in two sizes: 13 mm and 30 mm
  • Two pore sizes: 0.2 µm and 0.45 µm
  • Glass Fiber syringe filters available in 1.2 and 0.7 µm
  • Available in 7 color-coded membranes

For more information on how to choose, refer to our blog: or contact Chrom Tech at for a quote.

Any of the available membranes can also be purchased as sheets.