Syringe Cleaning

Syringe Cleaning & Maintenance Products

  • Clean 7000 Series Modified Microliter syringes with only heat (370 °C) or add a vacuum source (0.1 mm mercury) to remove suspected residuals
  • Microliter and Gastight syringes may be cleaned when a voltage rheostat* is added to reduce the chamber temperature to 50 °C; a vacuum source (0.1 mm mercury) can be added to remove suspected residuals
  • Not effective for frozen plungers or plugged needles

To clean the plunger, remove it from the syringe barrel and gently wipe with a lint-free tissue. Reinsert the plunger into the barrel and pump deionized water or acetone through the needle and syringe. Air dry the syringe for storage.

*Voltage rheostat and vacuum source must be purchased separately

Needle Cleaning Kit

  • Contains a selection of various diameter tungsten wires for cleaning plugged needles
  • Biodegradable cleaning concentrate helps to remove tenacious residues

Should a needle become clogged, do not attempt to clean it by forcing liquid or compressed air through the syringe. Excessive pressure will split the glass barrel. Remove the plunger from the syringe before cleaning the needle. Cleaning wires are used to dislodge any foreign material or residue build-up. Use deionized water or acetone to thoroughly rinse the syringe.