Captiva Filtration

Agilent Captiva ND

  • Easy automation—non-drip design resists organic solvent flow until vacuum is applied
  • Exceptional flow—dual depth filter avoids plugged membraned and lost samples
  • Efficient protein removal using Acetonitrile or Methanol—MS suitable sample in as little as one-fifth the time
  • Multiple pore sizes available for greater flexibility with solvent use

Agilent Captiva NDLipids

  • More precise and reproducible quantitation with removal of ion-suppressing phospholids and proteins
  • Combine the ease of use and superior flow properties of Captiva ND with a unique chemical filter
  • To optimize lipid removal—Methanol recommended

Agilent Econofilters

  • Agilent high quality syringe filters that provide efficient filtration at a reasonable price