96-Well Plates

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Well Plates
96-Well Plates
96-Deep Well Plates
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Sealing Films
Sealing films and foils
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Tape & Heat Seals
Ultravap Plate Sealer
Processors, Sealers
and Evaporators

Well plates and accessories for high-throughput chromatography

Standard (8x12) 96-Well plates for high throughput, fast, and convenient chromatography applications. Chrom Tech offers a variety of patented micro plate systems that are compatible with autosamplers and robotic systems.

96-Well plates are available in various materials such as aluminum and topas with glass inserts, as well as polypropylene plates, ranging in sizes to accommodate specific sample volumes.

Well plate accessories, including sealing films, tapes, and foils offer an economic way to seal your samples, protecting them from contamination and avoiding evaporation.

Porvair plate heat sealers for sealing foils to raised rim plates are offered at a competitive price. Porvair evaporators and Cerex Positive Pressure Manifolds offer ease of use for your sample prep needs.

Take advantage of our large selection and order your well plates and accessories today. You can learn more about well plates in our guide here, or call for more information.