HPLC Pumps

M1 Class
Single Piston
M1 Chrom Tech Pump
10 mL/2,000 PSI
40 mL/500 PSI
MXT Class
Single Piston
MXT Chrom Tech Pump
10 mL/5,000 PSI
LST Class
Single Piston
LST Chrom Tech Pump
5 ml/6,000 PSI
10 mL/6,000 PSI
40 mL/1,600 PSI
LD/PR Class
Dual Piston
LD Chrom Tech Pump
12 mL/6,000 PSI
36 mL/6,000 PSI
100 mL/1,000 PSI
100 mL/4,000 PSI
300 mL/1,000 PSI
CP Class
Cons Press
CP Chrom Tech Pump
24 mL/10,000 PSI
100 mL/5,000 PSI

Chrom Tech Next Generation HPLC Pumps

Chrom Tech is a distributor for Teledyne SSI, who is a world leader in the design and manufacture of positive-displacement piston pumps for a wide variety of analytical, clinical, preparative, and fluid-metering applications.

Our HPLC pumps, including constant flow pumps and constant pressure pumps, provide you with the lowest gradient delay, proven dependability, flow accuracy, and more. Our isocratic pumps supply reliable performance for a multitude of applications.