Gastight Syringes

1700 Series
1700 series Hamilton syringes
10 µL - 500 µL
PTFE Tipped Plunger
1000 Series
1000 series Hamilton gastight syringe
1 mL - 100 mL
PTFE Tipped Plunger
1800 Series
1800 series Hamilton gastight syringe
10 µL - 250 µL
Reinforced PTFE TIpped
Super Syringe
Hamilton gastight super syringe
0.5 L - 2 L
Acrylic w/Buna-N O-ring

Hamilton Gastight Syringes

Gastight syringes are used for HPLC and GC and are ideal for dispensing both liquids and gases due to the PTFE gastight plunger which creates a leak-free seal. When using heterogeneous liquids, a PTFE plunger helps dispense the entirety of the sample and doesn't allow for deposit to build up inside the syringe barrel.

Gastight syringes are available in a huge range of volumes. We also carry reinforced syringes for labs that tend to experience plunger bending too freaquently.