Reversed Phase Silic

Agilent Bond Elut Reversed Phase (Non-Polar) Silica SPE

For over 30 years, Bond Elut has been the most trusted name in solid phase extraction. Years of use by demanding chemists at top companies worldwide have thoroughly documented its many applications and proven its performance. To this day, you will find more literature references for Bond Elut than any other SPE product in the industry. Bond Elut is manufactured using state-of-the-art automation to guarantee quality and consistency. During manufacture, 25 different tests are conducted to ensure reproducibility. If an imperfection is spotted, the tube is removed from the assembly line.

Over 40 different sorbent functionalities are available in a variety of cartridge formats including straight barrel, large reservoir capacity (LRC) and Bond Elut Junior (Jr). The Bond Elut C18 is our most popular phase for reversed phase chromatography sample preparation.