Solvent Filters and Inlet Filters

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Inlet Solvent Filters

Our solvent inlet filters offer an optimal way to filter your solvents, preventing pump cavitation and system damage. We offer different styles of solvent filters, for specific system specifications, polymeric, stainless steel, and glass. Our inlet solvent filters protect your system from particulate matter from the solvent that may otherwise damage expensive hardware.

We offer a complete line of Frits manufactured from four different materials: PEEK, stainless steel, UHMWPE and titanium. Each material offers a variety of sizes of frit disc and the complete assembly, as well as being available in numerous porosities. All our frits are designed with exceptional uniform porosity and a long filtration life. We also manufacture frit disc for specific applications.

For more information regarding our stainless steel, polymeric, and glass solvent filters and frits, please contact us here or reach out to our technical support staff today.