Inline & Precolumn Filters

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Inline Filters, Precolumn Filters, and Frits

We carry a large selection of HPLC accessories, including inline solvent filters, precolumn filters, and frits.

Our precolumn filters and precolumn microfilters are essential for the protection of HPLC columns against the intrusion of particulate which can accumulate on your column frit. Precolumn filters are also advantageous in that it is much easier to change a precolumn filter’s frit than it is to swap out the column’s frit. We even carry replacement Frits made of stainless steel or the durable PEEK (polyether ether ketone) material.

We also carry a selection of standard and biocompatible inline solvent filters and microfilters designed for the small-volume venting of solvents during gas filtration.

Our selection of Upchurch Scientific® Frit-In-A-Ferrule products is designed to both seal and filter simultaneously, courtesy of a built-in frit into the body of a flat-bottom ferrule.