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Agilent QuEChERS

  • Improved productivity: better sensitivity and signal-to-noise from fewer matrix interferences enable faster data processing and greater sample throughput.
  • Reduced lab costs: cleaner samples using EMR—Lipid can offer significantly reduced MS source maintenance.
  • Reduce instrument downtime.
  • Simplified workflows: standardize on an easy-to-use single-sorbent procedure that maximizes analyte recovery from a wide variety of fatty samples. Save time and money by reducing material costs, inventory, training time, and documentation, thereby streamlining your lab productivity.
  • Higher quality results: a cleaner sample profile leads to greater data integrity and confidence in results, faster data processing, and fewer re-runs.

Struggling with matrix interferences due to lipids?Now, you don’t have to choose between lipid removal and analyte recovery, because the innovative Agilent Enhanced Matrix Removal—Lipid delivers the most complete matrix removal and analyte recovery of any sample prep product on the market. As an experienced QuEChERS supplier, we understand know the supplies your lab needs to succeed.

Enhanced Matrix Removal—Lipid, unlike any other type of sample prep, is a unique sorbent that selectively removes lipids in complex matrices and challenging high-fat samples such as avocado, so you can remove lipids without losing your analytes. Some of the benefits of Agilent QuECheRS include: