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Autosampler Vials for GC Applications

Chrom Tech carries a complete offering of GC vials, otherwise known as crimp style vials, for use with most gas chromatography autosamplers. Most GC laboratories use crimp top vials for GC applications due to their ability to seal well and accommodate highly volatile compounds. Nearly all gas chromatography vials require an 11mm closure and are available in an assortment of colors and septa options.

One of our most popular consumables for gas chromatography is our 11mm wide mouth glass vial with a crimp top. The wide mouth opening offers a 40% wider opening than standard mouth vials, which makes pipetting easier, and a larger target area for autosampler needles, without sacrificing autosampler compatibility. Chrom Tech stocks both wide and standard opening GC vials with crimp tops as well as compatible closures and inserts. All Chrom Tech glass vials are Type 1 Borosilicate glass, which renders them suitable for use with aggressive compounds and reagents.

Crimp top vials are the gold standard when concerned with evaporation, but crimp top GC vials are also common among laboratories requiring chain of custody, due to the tamper-proof caps. Most standard autosamplers accept 2mL (12 x 32mm) vials, which are the most common size of vials available.

For small volume samples, or for when repeated injections are necessary, we offer a variety of limited-volume GC vials, along with insert options for both wide and standard opening vials. We stock our most popular vial and insert pairs pre-loaded so that nobody in the lab has to spend time loading the inserts into each individual vial.

Reduce costs without sacrificing quality, reliability, or efficiency with our selection of GC vials, inserts, and closures. For more information regarding our GC vials, please contact us here or reach out to our technical support staff today.