Lipid Extraction SPE

Agilent Bond Elut Lipid Extraction SPE

The Bond Elut Lipid Extraction SPE cartridges and 96-well plates feature unique (EMR)-Lipid sorbent technology, combining size exclusion and hydrophobic interactions to trap and isolate lipids. This provides a highly selective and efficient extraction of lipids for lipid analysis, lipid profiling, and lipidomics workflows.

For effective sample preparation for lipid analysis, it is critical to isolate lipids from any additional co-extractives. Bond Elut Lipid Extraction SPE formats allow you to achieve more reproducible and streamlined sample preparation than traditional LLE methods.


  • Streamlined sample preparation for lipid analysis
  • Features innovative EMR-Lipid sorbent technology
  • Time savings compared to traditional liquid-liquid extraction methods
  • Improved reproducibility compared to traditional liquid-liquid extraction methods, reducing the number of samples required for statistical evaluation
  • 2 mL well plate design is easily automatable for even more streamlined lipid analysis

General Instructions

  1. Crashing solvent: ACN with 5% MeOH is recommended. A small percentage of MeOH helps to generate finer protein precipitates, which allows for easy pipette transfer of the homogenate.
  2. Washing solvent: a mixture of ACN with 10 to 20% of water.
  3. Elution solvent: a solution of MeOH with dichloromethane (DCM), chloroform, or 1-chlorobutane. A minimum of 50% MeOH is important for the release of lipids. Agilent recommends DCM/MeOH (v/v 1:2) or chloroform/MeOH (v/v 1:1).