Low Adsorption Vials

RSA and LA Vials for Mass Spec

  • Detect low abundance analytes normally adsorbed by glass
  • Limits pH changes in vials before injection even hours later
  • Prevents sample hydrolysis that can occur in your vials—RSA glass has virtually no metals compared to MS Certified Glass Vials
  • No meniscus when water is used as the main solvent
  • Not Coated or Silanized
  • Upgrade from your MS Certified Vial to the Reduced Surface Activity Vials

Is your data at risk due to the reactivity of your autosampler vial? Are you concerned with basic and polar analytes adsorbing to your glass vials? Try the MicroSolv Reduced Surface Activity Glass Autosampler Vials – Now Available through Chrom Tech!

RSA™ Glass Wide Mouth Screw Thread Vials & Closures (9 mm)
  RSA glass 2mL vial with graduated marking RSA glass 1.5mL recovery vial RSA glass 1.2 mL Max Recovery MRQ vial RSA glass 300uL vial with fused insert
  2 mL w/grad Mark 1.5 mL Recovery 1.2 mL Max Recov MRQ™ 300 µL w/Fused Insert
Convenience Pack (CP) Includes vial & Standard Pre-Assembled Cap & Septa, 100/pk
Clear Vial, Septa: PTFE/Silicone CP-0952GS-RS CPH-0952-RS CPD-0952-RS CP-0952-03-RS
Amber Vial, Septa: PTFE/Silicone CP-0952GSA-RS
Clear Vial, Septa: PTFE/Silicone w/Slit CP-0955GS-RS CPH-0955-RS CPD-0955-RS CP-0955-03-RS
Amber Vial, Septa: PTFE/Silicone w/Slit CP-0952GSA-RS
Vial Only (CTV) 100/pk
Clear Vial CTV-1209GS-RS CTH-0900-RS CTD-0900-RS CTV-0930-RS 
Amber Vial CTV-1209GSA-RS