Single Piston High Performance Isocratic Pump - LST Class

  • Single piston
  • Pulse dampener
  • Self-flushing pump heads and prime purge valve
  • Stainless steel or PEEK fluid path
  • Built-in leak sensor

The reliable LST Class consists of single-headed positive displacement piston pumps incorporating advanced cam designs for very low pulsation. With micro-stepping motor technology and a proven single-piston pump mechanism, the LST Class exceeds the performance of more expensive units at a fraction of the cost. The pumps are ideal for a wide variety of HPLC applications (including biocompatible separations), semi-prep LC, metering and dispensing, and general lab use.

Ordering Information
Part No Flow Rate
Material Pressure (PSI) Pump Head
P-LST05S 5.000 SS 6,000 L
P-LST05B 5.000 PEEK 6,000 L
P-LST10S 10.00 SS 6,000 M
P-LST10B 10.00 PEEK 6,000 M
P-LST40S 40.0 SS 1,600 H
P-LST40B 40.0 PEEK 1,600 H
Replacement Parts
  L Head M Head H Head
Piston Seal Kit*, Standard P-1595 P-1595B P-1095 880272 P-1096 P-1096B
Piston Seal Kit*, Organic P-1596 - P-0109 P-1099B P-3009 890283
Check Valve Kit, Inlet & Outlet P-1085 P-1086 P-1085 P-1086 P-1085 P-1086
Repl Check Valve Capsules, 10/pk P-1075 P-1076 P-1075 P-1076 P-1075 P-1076
Self-Flush Check Valve Kit P-1084 P-1084 P-1084 P-1084 P-1084 P-1084
Replacement Piston P-1597 P-1597 P-1097 P-1097 P-1198 P-1198
Inlet Filter Assy (Fitting & Element) 06-0110 06-0110 06-0110 06-0110 06-0110 06-0110
Repl Inlet Filter Elements, 2/pk P-1170 P-1170 P-1170 P-1170 P-1170 P-1170
Repl Outlet Filter Elements, 2/pk P-1175 P-1171 (ea) P-1175 P-1171 (ea) P-1175 P-1171 (ea)
Pulse Dampener Rebuild Kit P-1063 P-1063 P-1063 P-1063 P-1063 P-1063
*Seal Kits include: Self-flush seal, O-Ring, Primary Seal, and Removal Tool