Constant Pressure Isocratic Pump

Chrom Tech CP Class Constant Pressure Isocratic Pumps

  • Constant pressure (vs. constant flow)
  • Dual piston for minimal pulsation
  • Pulse dampener
  • Pressure monitoring with automatic pressure compensation
  • Self-flushing pump heads and integrated prime-purge valve
  • Stainless steel or PEEK fluid path

The CP Class pumps are widely used for LC Column packing, as well as many process applications. Advanced pressure control algorithms ensure consistent bed density and prevent pressure over-shoot by allowing the user to select a wide range of process parameters, including desired pressure set point, ramp rate, and upper flow rate limit. Pressure Control Accuracy is dependent on hydraulic system parameters. Pump automatically adjusts fluid flow to maintain constant system pressure under typical column-packing usage. Pump does not contain an automatic pressure-relief valve.

Ordering Information
Part No Flow Rate
Material Max Pressure (PSI) Pump Head
P-CP24S 24.00 SS 10,000 M
P-CP100S 100.0 SS 4,000 H
Flow rate is dependent on solvent selection and operating pressure
Replacement Parts
  M Head H Head
  P-CP24S P-CP100S
Piston Seal Kit*, Standard P-1095 P-1096
Piston Seal Kit*, Organic P-0109 P-3009
Check Valve Kit, Inlet & Outlet P-1085 P-1085
Repl Check Valve Capsules, 10/pk P-1075 P-1075
Self-Flush Check Valve Kit P-1084 P-1084
Replacement Piston P-1097 P-1198
Inlet Filter Assy (Fitting & Element) 06-0110 06-0110
Repl Inlet Filter Elements, 2/pk P-1170 P-1170
Repl Outlet Filter Elements, 2/pk P-1175 P-1175
*Seal Kits include: Self-flush seal, O-Ring, Primary Seal, and Removal Tool
Tech Tip: In order to do maintenance on a dual piston pump, kits are sold per head, quantity two required