Revolutionizing UHPLC Connections: Introducing MarvelXACT by IDEX

30th Nov 2023

Revolutionizing UHPLC Connections: Introducing MarvelXACT by IDEX

Reliable HPLC fitting connections play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and consistent results in UHPLC (Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography) applications. Improper fittings can lead to leakage, causing compromised data and wasted time. The MarvelXACT trouble-free UHPLC connections from IDEX provide reliability by eliminating the risk of under- and over-tightening your column fittings by providing a perfect connection every time. This saves you valuable time and ensures consistent and accurate results.

Introducing MarvelXACT: The Solution to Connection Challenges

One of the most common challenges faced by UHPLC users is that many UHPLC fittings require the use of tools to tighten the fittings to withstand ultra-high pressures. It can be difficult to achieve proper torque, often leading to under- or over-tightened fittings.

With its unique design and advanced technology, MarvelXACT ensures a perfect connection every time, eliminating the guesswork and uncertainties associated with manual tightening. The built-in patented technology that delivers a haptic “click” when optimum torque is achieved, providing assurance that the connection is properly secured. The best part? The optimum torque is reached by finger tightening alone – that’s right, no tools required!

MarvelXACT's solution to connection challenges not only enhances the reliability of UHPLC systems but also simplifies the overall process. With its user-friendly design, MarvelXACT makes it easy for researchers and analytical chemists to achieve precise and consistent connections, saving time and resources.

The Key Features of MarvelXACT UHPLC Connections

The key features of MarvelXACT UHPLC Connections graphic

MarvelXACT UHPLC connections come with a range of key features that ensure precision, reliability, and ease of use. These features make MarvelXACT an essential tool for any chromatographer.

As mentioned above, one of the standout features of MarvelXACT is its audible ‘click’ mechanism, which provides instant feedback, confirming a proper, leak-free connection and eliminating any doubts about the tightness of the fitting. Once the ‘click’ is heard, your fittings will withstand pressures up to 19,000 psi.

Additionally, MarvelXACT is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The fittings are small enough to fit in tight spaces, yet allow for finger-tightening at UHPLC pressures. Its intuitive design allows for easy installation and removal, streamlining the workflow and saving valuable time.

MarvelXACT also incorporates the advanced MarvelX™ Sealing Technology that eliminates extra internal volume by delivering a precise face sealing. This zero dead volume seal minimizes carryover risk, peak tailing, and peak broadening. Ensure a perfect connection every time, and experience better chromatography results. 

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Why Choose the MarvelXACT?

When it comes to analytical research, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. That’s why it’s important to weigh the options available. While there are many UHPLC connections available on the market, the MarvelXACT stands above the rest for a variety of reasons.

  1. Enhanced User Experience – The MarvelXACT aims to simplify your workflow by providing a user-friendly option for both seasoned researchers and budding scientists.
  2. Fast Lead Times – Chrom Tech is a stocking distributor for IDEX. While we don’t stock every fitting at all times, we keep popular chromatography consumables (including some of the MarvelXACT fittings) in stock for speedy delivery.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution – Let’s face it, budget constraints are a reality in most laboratories. The MarvelXACT is competitively priced, making it an appealing choice for laboratories of all sizes.

Experience the Future of UHPLC Connections with MarvelXACT

MarvelXACT sets a new standard for precision and ease of use in UHPLC connections. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of manual tightening and experience the future of UHPLC connections with innovative technology from IDEX.

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