How to Save Money and Increase Accuracy on Sample Prep

15th Aug 2023

How to Save Money and Increase Accuracy on Sample Prep

Laboratories can instantly increase throughput and improve their sample preparation accuracy with automation, but generally automation is only common in high throughput laboratories. But, what if there was a solution for tasks that are too small to automate but too large to reliably accomplish by hand? Hamilton’s Microlab 600 is a semi-automated liquid handler that is specifically designed for those in-between applications. Laboratories that have switched to the Microlab 600 eliminate costly re-sampling expenses and reduce sample prep time by as much as 50%.

Benefits of the Microlab 600

Preparing samples can be time-consuming and tedious, and often times does not seem worth automating. If you’re doing repeat pipetting or dilutions, the Microlab 600 can benefit you. Save your common dispenses or dilutions to your favorites, and start saving time. Minimize variation between users, and make your measurements more reliable with this semi-automated process.

Dual Syringe Diluter

The dual syringe diluter configuration utilizes two syringes to quickly and accurately perform repeatable dilutions independent of viscosity, vapor pressure, or temperature. To minimize carryover for even the most sensitive analyses, the diluent washes the tubing between each sample. The Microlab 600 diluter can create up to a 1:50,000 dilution in a single step. Here is how it works:

The diluter is available in both basic and advanced controller options. And, for sensitive applications, we offer a disposable tip hand probe, in which the plastic tip is thrown away between each sample. For ordering information, visit Microlab 600 Diluter.


The Microlab 600 dispenser uses positive displacement syringes to accurately dispense volumes of 100 nL to 50 mL for volatile, viscous and dense liquids, independent of atmospheric influences. With various ‘Wizards’, you can repetitively dispense aliquots of the same volume or differing volumes at the press of a button. There are three types of dispensers: the single syringe dispenser, the dual syringe dispenser, and the continuous dispenser. Compare each below:

Single Syringe Dispenser

The Single Syringe Dispenser is the lowest cost system with one dedicated syringe pump for medium throughput dispensing applications. Precision stepper motors automatically refill the syringe from a reservoir considerably improving speed and accuracy compared to traditional laboratory equipment like serological and repeating pipettes.

Dual Syringe Dispenser

The Dual Syringe Dispenser incorporates two syringe pumps to expand the instrument's capabilities. Some common uses for the the Dual syringe system include:

  • Double throughput by dispensing into two containers at the same time
  • Double the volume or the speed of a dispense by dispensing from both syringes to the same container
  • Fill each syringe with a different liquid to create binary mixtures with different ratios of each liquid
  • Use one syringe for dilution and the other syringe for sample spiking

Continuous Dispenser

The Continuous Dispenser is designed for time critical applications requiring repetitive dispensing. One syringe fills while the other syringe dispenses so the instrument is always ready. Perfect for integration into semi-automated or fully automated manufacturing lines.

For ordering information, visit Microlab 600 Dispenser

Syringes and Liquid Handling

Chrom Tech is an authorized distributor of Hamilton’s autosampler and manual syringes for all your LC and GC sample needs. We keep our customers’ most popular syringes in stock so that we’re ready to ship out when a syringe needs to be replaced. Contact our support team if you need any assistance determining which syringe will work best for your applications.