Ultra HPLC

Restek Ultra HPLC Columns

The Restek® Aqueous C18 is a rugged, reversed-phase column with a well-balanced retention profile. It can effectively retain more types of solutes than a conventional C18 and is ideal for multicomponent LC-MS analyses. The general-purpose Aqueous C18 boasts high reproducibility and compatibility with many mobile phase conditions—even 100% aqueous. And when used with a gradient, it eliminates the all-too-common issue of multiple compounds eluting near the column void time.

Ultra IBD (USP L68)

The Restek® IBD is a polar-embedded column that acts as a strong hydrogen bonder and may be the most versatile column available today. With a unique polar group, this column is very retentive and selective for acids. It also provides symmetrical peak shape for strong bases. Restek's IBD is compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases and can be used under reversed-phase or HILIC conditions to retain very polar, ionic compounds in highly organic mobile phases.

Ultra Biphenyl (USP L11)

Since 2005, the Restek® Biphenyl has offered a greater degree of dispersion than conventional phenyls and a greater degree of polarizability than phenyl hexyls, creating higher selectivity and a greater range of usability. Because of these heightened interactions, this column shows substantial increases in retention—especially for dipolar, unsaturated, or conjugated solutes—and enhanced orthogonal selectivity when using methanol mobile phases. It is ideal for increasing sensitivity and selectivity in LC-MS analyses.

Ultra PFP Propyl (USP L43)

The Restek® PFP Propyl is a great choice for the retention and selectivity of charged bases, electronegative compounds, and amine-containing compounds. Unlike a conventional cyano column, the Restek® PFP Propyl is much more amenable to LC-MS because it is more reliable and efficient with acidic mobile phases. This versatile column is also compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases and HILIC separations.

Ultra C18 (USP L1)

The general-purpose Restek® C18 is a conventional monomeric octadecylsilane column suitable for analyses of a wide range of compounds from acidic through slightly basic.