Topaz Inlet Liners

Restek Topaz GC Inlet Liners

  • Deactivation—unbelievably low breakdown for accurate and precise low-level GC analyses
  • Reproducibility—unbeatable manufacturing controls and QC testing for superior reliability across compound classes
  • Productivity—unparalleled cleanliness for maximized GC uptime and lab throughput
  • 100% Satisfaction—if a liner doesn’t perform to your expectations, we will replace it or credit your account

Revolutionary Topaz deactivation results in unbelievably low breakdown and higher responses for active compounds—with each and every liner you order. These liners will help you generate more accurate and more precise low-level GC analyses and help prevent common data issues.

As the demand for lower detection limits continues to grow, even the smallest amount of activity in your liner can cause analyte breakdown and impact your results—tailing peaks, loss of response, and other issues we’ve all experienced. In developing Topaz GC inlet liners, our chemists created a new deactivation that yields unbelievably low breakdown.