RTK-31977 - LC Multiresidue Pesticide Standard #6 (28 Components)

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Accurately detect and quantify pesticides of global food safety concern in a wide range of cannabis, fruits, vegetables, and other commodities by LC-MS/MS.

Formulated and grouped for maximum long-term stability* and well-balanced chromatographic performance.

Quantitatively tested to confirm composition; detailed support documentation provided.

Optimized multiresidue pesticide method is offered free of charge; downloadable XLS file includes conditions and transition tables.

Full 204-compound kit also available (cat.# RTK-31971*) that covers many LC-determined pesticides listed by government agencies; other ampuls also sold separately.

Certified reference material (CRM) manufactured and QC-tested in Restek’s ISO-accredited labs satisfies your ISO requirements.

* Note: When combining a large number of compounds with different chemical functionalities, mix stability can be an issue. In formulating these standards, we extensively studied the 204 compounds involved, and then grouped them into as few mixes as possible while still ensuring maximum long-term stability and reliability. For quantitative analysis, we recommend analyzing each mix separately to ensure accurate results for every compound.


RTK-31977: LC Multiresidue Pesticide Standard #6 (28 components)

Baycor (Bitertanol) (55179-31-2)
Bromuconazole (116255-48-2)
Cyproconazole (113096-99-4)
Diclobutrazol (75736-33-3)
Difenoconazole (119446-68-3)
Diniconazole (83657-24-3)
Epoxiconazole (133855-98-8)
Etaconazole (60207-93-4)
Ethirimol (23947-60-6)
Etoxazole (153233-91-1)
Fenarimol (60168-88-9)
Fenbuconazole (114369-43-6)
Fluquinconazole (136426-54-5)
Flusilazole (85509-19-9)
Flutriafol (76674-21-0)
Fuberidazole (3878-19-1)
Hexaconazole (79983-71-4)
Ipconazole (125225-28-7)
Metconazole (125116-23-6)
Nuarimol (63284-71-9)
Paclobutrazol (76738-62-0)
Penconazole (66246-88-6)
Propiconazole (Tilt) (60207-90-1)
Tebuconazole (107534-96-3)
Tetraconazole (112281-77-3)
Triadimenol (55219-65-3)
Triflumizole (68694-11-1)
Triticonazole (131983-72-7)

100 µg/mL
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18 months
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6 months
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