Protein Analysis

Concise Separations Columns for RNA, Protein & Peptides

  • Stable in the pH range of 0 to 14
  • Completely stable under high temperature conditions which eliminate or reduce secondary tertiary effects of analytes
  • Chemically stable which permits a variety of cleaning colutions for effective column cleaning
  • Flow reversibility to facilitate the removal of contaminants on the inlet end of the column bed
  • High efficiency, mono-dispersed beads
  • Pure hydrophobic properties provided by proprietary and patented C18 functionality chemistry

Concise Separations ProteinSep columns offer unique characteristics to provide the protein chemist another valuable tool for the many varieties of samples in the proteomics field. The proprietary and highly rugged polymeric based columns will provide long lasting, reproducible results for a wide variety of samples. The Concise Separations protein analysis columns are packed with durable and high efficiency polymers that perform well even under the most extreme test conditions.