Presto FF-C18

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  • High resolution 2 μm non-porous ODS column
  • Reversed-phase separation for bio- and synthetic-polymers up to 30 MDa
  • Different selectivity from porous ODS columns
  • High-efficiency with low flow rate compatible with conventional HPLC systems

Imtakt has developed a novel 2 μm, non-porous, high resolution ODS column. There are several shortcomings for porous ODS columns for polymer separation:

  • Poor peak shape of solutes due to wide range in pore size distribution
  • Poor recovery of solutes due to micro-pores and meso-pores
  • Reduced column efficiency due to high mass transfer resistance

Presto FF-C18 can overcome these shortcomings for polymer separation. This high resolution, non-porous ODS column is quite different from conventional ODS columns, and will create new opportunities for 21st century separation science.