Porvair Evaporators

Porvair Evaporators and Accessories

The Porvair evaporators are designed to quickly and efficiently dry down samples in well plates for laboratories of all throughput levels. For research and development laboratories, we recommend the manual control MiniVap Evaporators. Laboratories looking for automation without the bells and whistles have the Ultravap Levante. For laboratories looking to fully automate their labs should put the Ultravap Mistral to the test. This fast evaporator is a real workhorse, and will prove to improve your workflows.

Ultravap Mistral™

  • 15 password protected methods
  • Each method has up to five timed stages
  • Each timed stage controls: gas temperature, gas flow rate, needle depth
  • Robot compatible
Porvair Evaporators
Ultravap Mistral Minivap  Description
500149 229206 Evaporator without a head (head required, sold separately)
500193 Mistral CAN bus interface cable with RS232 initiator and CAN terminator plugs
Accessories & Spares for Ultravap & Minivap Evaporators  
229072 96 needle head with spiral needles 
229036 96 needle head with straight needles
229073 384 needle head with straight needles (for Ultravap models only)
229410 48 needle head with straight needles for use with HPLC vials (vial adapter required, 500109)
500109 48 Position Vial Adapter, fits 12 x 32 mm vials (2 mL)
229409 24 Needle Head with straight needles
229048 Gasket for needle manifold