PK VHP Fittings

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Very High Pressure PK Fittings

Upchurch Scientific® Ultra High Performance fittings are manufactured from a proprietary PEEK blend (PK) which allow them to be used at higher temperatures (up to 200 °C) and higher pressures.

The VHP PK, One-Piece fittings are available for 10-32 coned, 6-32 coned, or M4 coned ports, and Two-Piece fittings are available to connect either 1/16" or 1/32" OD tubing into 10-32 coned ports in multiple styles.

VHP MicroFerrules

VHP MicroFerrules are made from a proprietary high performance PEEK polymer blend, a material which is unique in its ability to enable the use of capillary tubing in UHPLC environments. The new high pressure MicroFerrules are available for use with 1/32" or 360 μm OD tubing, and they are incorporated into several of our VHP products for capillary tubing.

CAUTION: While the proprietary blend of the PK fittings will allow a fitting to attain a higher pressure and minimal cold flow properties relative to pure PEEK, some fittings molded of PK are known to be conductive. Use caution when employing PK fittings in high voltage applications.

While the MicroTight Ferrule Nuts may be used with any of the separate MicroFerrules, the MicroFerrules themselves are port-specific and are thus not interchangeable. Additionally, the one-piece MicroTight fittings are also port-specific and should not be exchanged.