NanoPort Assemblies

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HPLC NanoPort Assemblies

  • For lab-on-a-chip applications
  • Wetted materials: PEEK and perfluroelastomer

Upchurch Scientific® NanoPort Assemblies provide consistent fluid connections for chip-based analyses. Once attached, NanoPort connections can withstand pressure to 500 PSI (34 bar). NanoPorts will adhere to silicon, quartz, glass and some polymers. All NanoPort components are made of inert, biocompatible PEEK polymer (nuts and ports) and Perlast® perfluoroelastomer (ferrules and gaskets). Their unique design also prevents adhesive contamination of the fluid path. Also, NanoPort connections add no additional volume to the fluid path, virtually eliminating dead volume traditionally associated with chip-based fluid connections.

To select the appropriate NanoPort assembly you will need to consider:

  • Size of tubing you are connecting
  • Dimensions of the chip hole
  • Fitting style (one-piece or two-piece)
  • Nut head style (standard or headless nut)

Please Note: Each NanoPort Assembly includes a fitting (one- or two-piece) a NanoPort, gasket, a 2-pack of preformed adhesive rings, and a clamp for holding the port in place while the adhesive cures.