Mininert Valves for Vials

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Mininert Push-Button Valves for Vials

  • Leak-tight closure with syringe access
  • For virtually any laboratory glassware

Mininert push-button valves are highly dependable, leak-tight closures for screw-cap vials and other laboratory containers. When used with a glass vial, only PTFE and glass are in contact with the contents. Their unique features make Mininert valves the ideal closure for calibration standards, air- or moisture-sensitive fluids, derivatizing reagents, or volatile chemicals.

Operation is extremely simple - push the green button to open the valve, insert the needle through the septum and take a sample, withdraw the needle, and push the red button to close the valve.

Mininert valves can be used at temperature up to 105 °F. However, after use at high temperatures, the valve may leak slightly when cooled to room temperature.

The sealing ability of Mininert valves is more than adequate for containing most volatile liquids and gases at low pressures. Mininert valves have been used as high as 120 PSI without leakage, but this is not a recommendation for pressurizing glass containers to these levels. Such pressurization of glass containers can be extremely dangerous.