Luer Adapters & Luer Fittings

Luer Fittings and Adapters

Connect your Syringe to Pump or Tubing

Whether you're using a syringe to prime a pump, or just need to connect a syringe to a port or tubing, we offer a variety of female luer adapters to connect directly into high or low pressure ports. For more detailed information, check out our blog.

LuerTight™ Fittings

Specifically designed to work in a variety of applications, Luer Lock Adapters form secure connections between a male or female luer. Each of the Luer Adapters we carry at Chrom Tech comes with innovative luer fittings that allow for the quick, secure connection or disconnection from fluoropolymer tubing.

  • Reliably hold your fluoropolymer tubing in place with the convenience of a luer connection
  • Quick disconnect–no need for barbs or nuts with LuerTight Fittings

Luer-To-MicroTight® Adapter

  • Easily connect 360 µm OD tubing to a syringe

The Upchurch Scientific Luer-to-MicroTight Adapter is ideal for infusing samples into lab-on-a-chip devices. These Luer Adapters are made entirely of biocompatible PEEK polymer and introduce only 14 nL of additional volume to the flow path. Use it to directly connect a luer-tip syringe or other product that terminates with a standard male luer to 360 µm OD capillary tubing without tubing sleeves. MicroTight luer fittings are included.