Inline Check Valves

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1/4-28 and 10-32 Inline and Luer Check Valves

Standard 1/4-28 & Nonmetallic 10-32 Standard and Micro-Volume Inline Check Valves

The 1/4-28 Upchurch Scientific Inline Check Valve’s spring-actuated sealing pattern eliminates back flow, helping to prevent upstream contamination or damage. In addition, the unique design of this product eliminates the additional tubing cuts and connections required to install conventional inline check valves.

  • Cracking Pressure: the pressure required for the valve to open in the direction of the arrow
  • Maximum Pressure: the maximum pressure the valve can experience in the reverse direction without leaking backwards
  • Back Pressure Created: the amount of back pressure generated by the check valve with
    50 mL/min room temperature water flowing in the direction of the arrow

Quick-Stop Luer & Inline Cartridge Check Valves

The Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve is designed to provide inline luer connect/disconnect convenience without the mess and hazard of spills. Just connect the valve assembly to your inline tubing using standard 1/4-28 flat-bottom fittings. The check valve is automatically opened once the luer connection is engaged, allowing flow in either direction. Disconnecting the luer union causes the check valve to close.

Upchurch Scientific cartridge style Inline Check Valves are designed to limit flow to one direction. These assemblies withstand system pressures of 1,000 PSI (69 bar). The cracking pressures are 1.5 PSI (0.1 bar) for the CV-3001 and 3 PSI for the CV-3011. Tolerance on the cracking pressure for CV-3001 is ± 0.5 PSI (0.03 bar) and ± 1.5 PSI (0.1 bar) on CV-3011.

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