Injection Valves

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IDEX Manual Injection Valves

A Dual Mode Injection Valve allows either partial or complete filling of the loop, and introduces sample by syringe through the needle port built into the valve shaft. Complete filling of the sample loop provides greater repeatability, injection to injection. Bulkhead Injection Valves utilize the mounting bracket M-615-2, found in Valve Accessories.

1/4-28 Flat-Bottom Injection Port Adapters

This simple, biocompatible adapter is designed specifically for the Upchurch Scientific Injection Valves and can also convert any 1/4-28 flat-bottom port into a port that can accept a standard 22 gauge HPLC injection needle. This injection port adapter is adjustable, so you can create a snug fit around the needle to prevent any leaking of the analyte. In addition, this product features an internal stop that prevents you from inserting the needle too far, eliminating the possibility of damaging the valve with the needle tip.