Headspace Crimp Vials

Glass Crimp Cap Headspace GC Vials

Chrom Tech Crimp Top Headspace Vials are available in clear or amber glass and in either flat or round bottom styles. Our headspace closures are available in pre-assembled caps with septa or can be ordered separately. Pressure released, lined seals and magnetic lined seals are also options.

Glass Crimp Caps Headspace Vials (20 mm)
  Headspace crimp cap vial 20mL Headspace crimp cap 10mL vial
  20 mL 10 mL
Chrom Tech Flat Bottom Clear (100/pk) CTV-2375 CTV-2246
Chrom Tech Round Bottom Clear (100/pk) CTV-2375R CTV-2246R
20 mm Crimp Closure (100/pk)
Cap w PTFE/Silicone   408077
Cap Only, No Septa  408101
Septa Only: PTFE/Silicone 615020