Headspace GC Vials

Headspace Vials for Headspace GC

Headspace vials are common for analysis of volatile organic compounds, such as blood alcohol content, pharmaceuticals, and food flavoring analysis. The analytes of interest can be isolated in the gaseous phase, so the gas from the headspace portion of the sample vial is injected onto the GC column. For this reason, a larger vial is required, and our headspace vials offer great sample and autosampler compatibility for various sample types.

Headspace vials and caps can withstand the pressure buildup of samples in the gaseous phase.They're available in round- or flat-bottom styles, and usually the autosampler is what determines which is used. We offer both screw thread and crimp cap vials.

Glass Crimp Caps Headspace Vials (20 mm)
  Headspace crimp cap vial 20mL Headspace crimp cap 10mL vial
  20 mL 10 mL
Chrom Tech Flat Bottom Clear (100/pk) CTV-2375 CTV-2246
Chrom Tech Round Bottom Clear (100/pk) CTV-2375R CTV-2246R
Agilent Flat Bottom Clear (100/pk) 5182-0837 5182-0838
20 mm Crimp Closure (100/pk)
Chrom Tech PTFE/Silicone 408077
Agilent PTFE/Silicone  5183-4477