Hamilton Manual Valves

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Hamilton Valves HV Plug Valves and Accessories

  • Wetted paths are chemically inert PTFE and Kel-F®materials (100 PSI or less)
  • Valves are for stand alone use or HVX and HVP valves can be panel mounted
  • Valve position is controlled manually via a handle attached to the valve stem
  • Valve connections are via 1/4-28 UNF-2B (Unified Fine) fittings; see specific valve information - thread depths vary

The HV valve is physically the smallest valve and constitutes a basic unit for the control of fluids. It is ideal for low pressure applications; from a basic on/off flow to a four-way distribution system.

The HVP valve is essentially the same as the HV valve except the HVP can be mounted into panels allowing for custom installation into control panels or instruments.

HVX valves are physically the largest valves. A larger port internal diameter allows increased fluid flows even with moderately viscous fluids. HVX valves can be used free standing or panel-mounted using an optional locking nut, Part # 35121. 6- and 8-port distribution and loop valves are available only in the HVX body style.