Three Ways Chrom Tech Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

11th Apr 2021

Three Ways Chrom Tech Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

On April 22nd, people across the globe will initiate sustainability efforts, connect with nature, and educate others on how we can reduce our carbon footprint in celebration of the 51st annual Earth Day. This year, the theme is “Restore Our Earth”, and we would like to hear what others are doing to participate. Chrom Tech founder, Steve Pierson sought after ways to reduce waste, re-use materials, and utilize recyclable products wherever possible at the company, many of which are still every day practices today.

In distribution, some of the easiest ways to minimize our impact is to recycle packaging materials. For years, Steve worked with local business owners to collect packing peanuts to re-use in future shipments. Chrom Tech celebrates Earth Day every day by:

  • Minimizing the use of packing peanuts wherever possible, and using recyclable products in place of plastics
  • Re-using packaging materials from our suppliers to reduce paper waste
  • Shipping orders in appropriately-sized boxes to optimize shipping efficiency

Chrom Tech appreciates the work of professionals who are using science and technology to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and produce more green products to eliminate waste. Beyond the environmental testing laboratories, many of our customers reduce their carbon footprints by ordering in bulk or consolidating order shipments. We look forward to seeing how you are taking steps to Restore Our Earth. Send us a picture, video, or message showing us what you are doing this Earth Day to make an impact!