CT-F05-10 - EXP Pre-Column Filter Cartridge, 0.5 µm, 10/pk

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The EXP® Pre-Column Filter is ideal for protecting small-particle UHPLC columns at extreme pressures. Such techniques analyze samples in the most demanding applications, which can decrease the life of these expensive columns. EXP® Pre-Column Filters help extend that life and protect your column investment without sacrificing performance. Free-Turn¨ architecture allows the user to change cartridges by hand without breaking fluid connections on the holder inlet/outlet. EXP® Pre-Column Filter holders are available with Titanium Hybrid ferrules for easy direct connection to any 10-32 port. The filter holder comes as a complete package including fittings to provide repeated zero-dead volume column connections.



  • Approved for use at 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
  • Hand-tight filter replacement - NO TOOLS!
  • Depth filtration maximizes capacity
  • Uni-directional design
  • Low-volume/ low-dispersion cartridges
  • Custom volumes/porosities available
  • Use with CT-FH
Max Pressure:
20,000 PSI
Particle Size:
0.5 um
Unit of Measure: