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Low Cost Chrom Tech Evaporators

  • Low cost solution for the concentration of samples
  • Each stainless steel (SS) needle delivers an equal flow of nitrogen or other gas
  • Digital temp control heats gas and aluminum block insert up to 100 °C
  • Manifolds and blocks are easily interchanged for added flexibility
  • Flow readout and needle valve flow control

Chrom Tech’s evaporator/concentrator rapidly evaporates samples by heating both the gas line and the aluminum block. Replacement manifolds and aluminum blocks may be purchased to allow for a variety of sample containers to be used. Fewer numbers of samples are easily accommodated by plugging any position so that any number of samples may be evaporated or concentrated. The manifolds come with removable stainless steel luer hub needles.

Tech Tip: Looking for an aluminum block to fit a different diameter vial? Contact Chrom Tech Support Desk for a custom block quote—

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