Positive Pressure Processor

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Cerex Positive Pressure Processor

  • Positive Pressure manifold provides uniform flow for all extraction steps
  • All positions are individually restricted to provide even pressure to each column. Even flow can be maintained if you are using one, some, or all positions

Chrom Tech offers both Positive Pressure and Vacuum manifolds for Solid Phase Extraction and Filtration Membranes, but, we always recommends Positive Pressure Manifolds, here’s why:

A major problem with conventional vacuum manifolds occurs as faster flowing channnels in the SPE plate (or cartridges) run dry, allowing a free flow path for vacuum through the dry ports, thereby slowing the flow in the remaining wells. The result is variation in column processing times, thus contributing to irreproducible analyte recoveries. In contrast, our positive pressure manifolds have restricted-flow gas ports. These ports create superior flow control such that even if 95 out of 96 wells (47 out of 48 ports) are empty, dry, or wet, the remaining single port will receive normal pressure to allow easy processing. Our positive pressure manifolds are an efficient solution to viscous samples. Vacuum manifolds often cannot provide adequate processing power, since the maximum pressure is limited to less than atmospheric pressure (approx. 15 PSI). The positive pressure manifold allows for gas pressures up to the supplied line pressure (typically 60-75 PSI), thus supplying greater motive force for viscous sample flow. Adjusting the pressure up or down, produces a column flow response that is smooth and immediate.

For more information on positive pressure processor, please contact us here or reach out to our technical support staff today.

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