ASI Static Mixers

High Pressure Mixers

  • Interchangeable mixer cartridges
  • Optimize mixing volume—improve gradient profile
  • Available for in-line, binary and ternary formats (SS or PEEK)
  • Increased reaction efficiency for post column derivatization

ASI manufactures a wide range of static mixers to solve the most demanding high pressure mixing problems. ASI HyperShear Mixers incorporate a highly efficient cross-flow shearing mechanism which produces vortex shear mixing over a wide flow range. This mixing technology typically delivers between 25% to 200% better mixing efficiency compared to conventional packed bed or tortuous path mixers.

Within a given mixer flow series, mixer cartridges are interchangeable. The ability to swap mixer cartridges within a given mixer series makes selecting the optimum mixer volume easy and economical. This is not the case with UHPLC mixers. Since we warranty the pressure rating of 15,000 PSI on the factory tested mixer assembly (housing and cartridge), UHPLC mixers are only sold as complete mixer assemblies.

Choosing the right size mixer is a trade off between delay volume, mixing noise, gradient fidelity and chromatographic performance.