AC-155 - TUBING CONNECTION, 1/8" OD tubing x 1/4" NPT

Blue Polypropylene fitting, Yellow Tefzel ferrule, PP adapter
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NPT Adapters For Hard Wall Tubing

For 1/4” NPT Ports
Compression fittings designed for liquid-tight connection of semi-rigid tubing to 1/4” NPT ports, for tubing diameters 1/16” to 3/16” OD. Each connection is comprised of a two-piece nut and ferrule system with polypropylene thread adapter. Useful for pressurized applications under 500 psi. Make a selection based on your tubing outside diameter (OD); fittings are color-coded by tubing size for easy identification. Wrap NPT threads 3-4 times with PTFE tape and wrench tighten for leak-resistant connections.


Fits tubing:
1/8" OD
Polypropylene, ETFE
Nut & Ferrule
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222, 262, 264